Golden Statuette International Film Festival (GSIFF) 2019


Call For Entries Submission Rules:

1. The film shot within 36 months before the festival.

2. The film medium should be blue-ray, DVD or MOV, MP4 format.

3. Give priority to films with world premieres and films not shown in other international film festivals.

4. Categories:

· Digital films (which must has a shooting permit and a public release permit), including the network classic films, documentary, animation, propaganda film, short film, micro film, TV series, network drama, etc.

· Subject: no restrictions (except for political, military, pornographic, bloody violence and other sensitive subjects).

· Broadcast requirements of the films: The whole film (picture 4k, audio track 5.1, bilingual subtitles in Chinese and English.) 

5. Required information:

· Type: theatrical film (must have shooting license and public release license).

· Application form (electronic version)

· One poster and three publicity posters

· Trailers

If the size of video file exceeds the network transportation limit, physical disc or memory hard disk can be mailed. Film also can be shared through Baidu network disk, please provide link and password

6. Time frame: 

Start date: March 1, 2019. 

Deadline: August 1, 2019. 

The shortlist will be announced by August 20, 2019. 

Registration notes:

Before submitting your application, please confirm that you agree to the following: 

1. By submitting a work, you agree to accept all the rules and regulations formulated by the organizing committee.

2. Once the film submitted, it cannot be withdrawal for any reason.

3. The film submitter shall confirm that he/she owns the copyright and copyright of the work and will not involve the right of portrait, reputation and privacy. In case of any relevant legal disputes, the legal liability shall be borne by the film sender himself/herself. The organizing committee of GSIFF rejects any works that may conflict with national laws and cultural policies. 

4. The film submitter authorize GSIFF to use the pictures from film or trailer for festival screening and festival promotional purposes, including news/media reports, public pictures, television, network, social media and other activities.

5. There is no registration fee for the submitted works, and the sending party shall be responsible for the mailing fee. 

6. The final video file (MP4 or MOV format) with English subtitles is required to participate in the film. Share the link & password through Baidu network disk sent to the designated mailbox of the organizing committee.

7. All submitted works are not refundable. 

8. GSIFF reserve all rights.

Please complete the application form and send the film poster, trailer and feature together. Please perform registration procedures before August 1, 2019.

Thank you for attending GSIFF and good luck!

For more information, contact us:

WeChat: W57397770

Event email:

Chinese preferred contact info:

QQ email:

China office number:15001313158 

China office address: l45-1, no.17 middle south gate, Gaobeidian east district, Chaoyang district, Beijing

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