Chunmin Tang

唐春敏(唐贺 Chunmin Tang),著名女策划家、资深媒 体作家、银行家、中医世家。美国好莱坞 3D 电影集团(


院( GOLDEN STATUETTE FILM INSTITUTE)创始院长、美国小金人国际电影节(Golden Statuette

Intenational Film Festival)创始主席。她以策划 60 名将军签贺 【和平婚礼】等而成为知名人物。成功创意策划世界上第一位电影节童星主席的诞生,百名明星签贺小金人电影节,策划形象大使自行车横穿美国,创办可申请吉尼斯世界纪录的电影节。将小金人电影节推向好莱坞主流社会而走红,获得三大电影节奖得主的莅临并担任荣誉职务。

唐贺原是国务院侨办所属的中国新闻社部门主任、国家统计局副社长、北京市巨星艺校校长等职务,中国体育健身秧歌发起人。获得国家新闻署总编证的她,曾担任全国两会特刊副总编,到美国采访编辑 60 多万字的著作《美国硅谷60女性经典》、《美国创业爸爸 90 位人物》,由中国妇联和中国华侨出版社出版,后改编成电影【绿卡女人】的剧本美国获奖,其中【生命】获得1200万投资合拍成电影。

兼任美国三所医药大学的校长助理、院长等。她的多项经典策划获三次入围全国十大人物、品牌,获得中国公益慈善家功勋奖。国家事业机关 18 年的处长,多次获单位先进工作者。

Tang Chunmin (Tang He), a famous female planner, senior media writer, banker, and family of Chinese medicine practitioners. CEO of Hollywood 3D Film Group, USA, Founding Dean of Golden Statuette Film Institute, Founding Chairwoman of Golden Statuette International Film Festival. 

She became a well-known figure by planning the 60 generals to sign a congratulation [peace wedding].

GSIFF is the world's first film festival has children chairman. As of now, hundreds of stars signed a congratulatory message to the GSIFF. GSIFF's ambassador Ma Chunfeng had traveled on his bike cross the United States. GSIFF was promoted to the mainstream Hollywood society and became popular with the winners of the three major film festival awards.

Tang He was the director of China News Agency, vice president of the National Bureau of Statistics, president of Beijing Giant Star Art School and other positions under the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council. She was the initiator of China Sports Fitness Yangko. She was the Deputy editor-in-chief of the special issue of the National People's Congress and the National Information Administration. She went to the United States to interview and edit more than 600,000 words of the works "60 Women's Classics in Silicon Valley" and "90 Persons of American Entrepreneurial Dads", which were published by the Chinese Women's Federation and the Overseas Chinese Publishing House, and later adapted into the script "Green Card Women" in the United States. Among them, [Life] won 12 million investments to co-produce films.

Tang he also serves as assistant president and Dean of three medical universities in the United States. Her many classical schemes have won three entries to the top ten figures and brands in China, and won the Merit Award of Chinese Charitable Charitarians. Over the past 18 years, the director of the state institutions has been awarded advanced workers of the units for many times.